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  • What Kind of Maintenance is Recommended For My FlyyAir System?
    FlyyAir Suspension doesn't require much when it comes to maintenance. We recommend emptying your air tank every couple of months, and if you have water trap(s) in your system, we recommend draining those at least once a month. Both of these procedures help drain any moisture from the system, making both procedures less mandatory in dry climates. In addition, we find that it is convenient to drain water traps while you're filling up your gas tank. By following these simple recommendations, you can help keep your FlyyAir system in top condition.
  • How Reliable is FlyyAir Suspension??
    Cutting corners on your car suspension is never a good idea. You might be able to save a few bucks in the short run, but it will likely come back to bite you down the road. That’s why it’s always best to invest in quality air suspension components, and have them installed by a qualified professional. With proper installation and care, a Flyyair air suspension system can easily outlast the life of your vehicle. So if you want a ride that’s both comfortable and reliable, choose Flyyair. You won’t be disappointed.
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